Thursday, July 12, 2012

Citrus for the Skin

                                    Now from my experience i have suffered with horrible acne. Way back when the hormones kicked in strong and puberty was on the rise.
I broke out every day, every minute and soon those pimples would leaves scars.
Now this was a very stressful and depression point in my life. I mean i literally hated my skin. My self esteem was at an all time low and it affect my everyday life. As simple as wearing a tank top or being exposed in sunlight.
Now with all the babble and ramble, I've discovered some really great things and some well...not so great things.
Lotions, makeup, medication. It was revolving in my world.
One of the Great things i discovered was fruit. Now, quickly to comment you say...Duh, fruit is fruit we all know its good for you...but no... Not just any fruit, the citrus,
The orange, lime/lemon, grapefruit and many others are...great for skin, but there are perks and meanwhile these fruits are filled with antioxidant and vitamin C; it's not agreeable for every individual skin. Throughout my experience, I discovered many new things about my skin and the things i can put on it, along with the inside of my body. I found that Citrus was for me.
I used the skin of an orange or a lemon and blended to make a mask.
Lemon juice is great for Dark spots and blackheads.
Also I found that the juices were good for my insides. I reduced Inflammation, free radicals and nurtured my body while protecting my skin. It left a glow and my skin felt amazingly soft.
There is so much you can do with it and also if you got sick and tired of the same old thing, you can simply mix it with other foods that are filled with antioxidants, good oils and vitamins.
And even though I still suffer with minor spots and a zit here or there, i always know my go to solution, plus many others.

I would suggest you use the lemon juice straight from the lemon because the actual lemon juice isn't purely natural. So just take a half of a lemon not the whole one. Squeeze it into a tiny bowl and test it on your skin, if it's too strong, meaning if it stings a lot then add little bit of water but no too much because it wont work, then take a cotton ball soak it in the the lemon juice and dab it on your face until your get all the affected areas then leave it for about 2 minutes minimum, you can leave it as long as you desire and then wash with warm water....
and you can use it at least once every two weeks if you use medication on your skin, if not, once a week followed by your daily moisturizer.

It is quite helpful on black penetrates the pores and flushes out any remains of dirt or oil that you never knew were still there and yes I apply it directly on my black heads and let it sit before I rinse it but i didn't do it often because i was already applying medication to my skin but since I don't use medication anymore I use it often as a cleanser.

don't rub it
and it will sting a bit

fact: Lemon juice is also a natural skin lightener.
You + Citrus = Happy.

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