Thursday, July 12, 2012

Longer lasting and less dry and clobby nail polish

I do a lot of things to keep my nail polish lasting and there are some sucky and corny tricks to doing it.
Some may have heard of this and some have not but I use 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish remover.
I do use it as a Nail Polish remover but it comes in handy when I need my nail polish to last.

All you need to do is find a tiny squeeze bottle, your preference,,, I would recommend an eyedropper or a clean empty eye drop bottle.
All you have to do is pour the Acetone into the bottle or dropper, then if you have any nail polish you would like to preserve, just pour a few drops or a little squeeze into the polish container, close the polish tightly and shake away.

Warning :
Pouring the Acetone directly from the bottle into the polish will cause a big mess
and pouring too much of it can ruin the chemicals in the polish and just make it watery and some polish may not contain just the right amount of acetone.

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